• Co-Chair, Equity and Inclusion Committee (2021-2022). Responsible for expanding and building upon departmental initiatives for equity and inclusion.
  • Chair, Department Chair Selection Committee (2019-2020). Responsible for leading the selection of the new Mathematics & Statistics Department Chair
  • Chair, Newsletter/PR Committee. (2019-2020). Responsible for leading, writing, and editing the semesterly department newsletter
  • Member, Advising Committee (2021-2022). Responsible for leading advising sessions for undergraduate mathematics students
  • Member, Mathematics Education Committee (2018-2023). Responsible for assisting in the regular management of tasks under the mathematics education umbrella, including liberal studies mathematics courses, single-subject credential program, graduate program, and other tasks.
  • Member, Scholarship Committee (2019-2021). Responsible for assisting in the reading, selecting, and celebrating departmental scholarships
  • Member, Assessment Committee (2019-2020). Responsible for assisting in the program assessment of the degree programs in Mathematics & Statistics
  • Member, Lecturer/GTA Hiring Committee (2018-2019, 2020-2021). Responsible for assisting in the reading, interviewing, and hiring of lecturer and graduate teaching assistant positions


  • Member, Cal Poly Pomona Institutional Review Board (2020-2023). Responsible for reading and reviewing research protocols involving human subjects research, both individually and as part of the larger group
  • Member, Cal Poly Pomona Search Committee for Chief Diversity Officer and Presidential Inclusion Associate (2021-2022). Responsible for faculty input during the university search for a Chief Diversity Officer


  • Member, Outreach Committee, Pacific Math Alliance (2019-2021). Responsible for outreach and communications, helping to further the mission of the Pacific Math Alliance.
  • Member, Liberal Studies Math Collective (2020-2021). Part of a larger group of faculty across the state of California interested in furthering the mathematics education and development of future elementary teachers.